Educational Stimulus

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I read recently that the College Board is probably going to drop the Italian Advanced Placement Exam. The impact of dropping one AP Exam is minimal, but I hope that as our nation faces economic hard times and seeks ways to stimulate recovery, we can remind ourselves that knowledge is an asset.  There was a time in the United States when some feared that we would have an overly educated workforce; now, technology companies ask for visa exemptions to bring suitable talent into our country.  Many factors contribute to this situation, but one of them has to be the lack of importance we place on providing our citizens a broad-based education. 


We have frequently reacted to current events to establish our goals for education; when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, beating the United States into space, we passed the National Defense Act of l958 to increase funding for a wide range of areas, including mathematics, science, modern foreign languages, and geography!  The National Defense Act recognized that an educated citizenry is a great national asset, and I hope the new administration remembers that education should be at the top of its list.  Educated people find good jobs, educated people create jobs, and educated people make the country more productive. 


Barack Obama can begin repairing our tortured economy by making a long-term investment in our future through education.

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