Thinkwell Surpasses 75 Million Exercises Delivered

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Almost 12 years ago, when Dan Heath and I first started Thinkwell, the prevailing attitudes towards educational media were mixed at best.  On the one hand, everyone saw the promise that this relatively young medium held, but the stark reality was that no one was using it in any meaningful, substantive way.  

As an early member of this educational media community, I can attest to the fact that there was a fair amount of hand-waving going on about the impact that these new games, simulations, and interactive media would surely have on students' learning. How could it not, right?  This stuff was so cool! The sad truth, though, is that so much of this new media was hobbled by the fact that it didn't work on the computers that it was supposed to run on, that it never had a fair chance of getting off the ground. (Full disclosure: the first web release of the Thinkwell products (ca. 1998) crippled about 50% of our customers' computers. We were part of the problem).

And so what we've seen up until the last couple of years is great multimedia content relegated to the sidelines. If you were lucky, you were able to get your stuff onto a CD and slapped into the back of a printed book.  But, let's face it, those CDs rarely, if ever, got used.

I'm happy to report that things look much different now. Thanks to the rise of standards, platforms, and this thing called the Internet, access to quality, reliable multimedia has become all but ubiquitous.  And the cool thing is that students and professors are really using it.

I bring all this up in light of our most recent press release, "Thinkwell Surpasses 75 million Exercises Delivered."  While we've always known that students enjoy the Thinkwell material, up until a couple of years ago we had limited insight into how much they were actually using it. Once we put all our material online, we've been able to track their usage patterns and here's what we've found: On average, students watch over 90% of the Thinkwell media to completion! That's the equivalent of a student reading 450 pages of a 500 page textbook all the way through, which I think we all know never happens.

We're excited and encouraged that the use and adoption of educational media continues to rise, and are honored to be a part of this growing trend.

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