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We're very excited about connecting with all of the homeschoolers who welcome us into their homes, the professors who use us inside and outside of their classrooms, and the students watching our lectures and using the exercises on their laptops and in their computer labs. And hello to everyone in the online classes using Thinkwell!

In the last 10 years, we've been lucky enough to work with the best educators and most successful students on the planet, and we've set up this blog so that we can be in touch a little more often. We're looking forward to connecting with you--don't be shy about using the comments! And we'll be setting up a blogroll soon... we're looking forward to finding out and sharing what you're talking about.

So watch this blog for our thoughts on education, interesting tidbits from the world around us, insight into what happens here at Thinkwell HQ in Austin, TX, and whatever we can think of! We already have a great post from Carl Tyson, our CEO, (you'll be hearing more from him!) and you'll be hearing a lot from me, Hank. I wear a lot of hats at Thinkwell--some days you'll find me in the studio working with our professors and the crew to make great videos, some days I'm working with artists and editors to create the final Thinkwell lecture with all of the graphics and exercises, and some days you'll find me here, blogging like crazy. This is me: Thumbnail image for blogprofilepic.gif

You can find us in other corners of the internet, too. Be a fan of Thinkwell on Facebook (there's also a group called "thinkwell rocks"... we like the sound of that!), or follow us on Twitter. Take a look at our Flickr page, too, for some insights into the question "How many Thinkwellians does it take to change a lightbulb?"

And keep your eyes open for the Thinkwell Forums in coming weeks!

Talk to you soon,


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