90% of Surveyed Students Prefer Thinkwell

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One of the many joys of my work here is speaking directly to instructors, students, and parents who use Thinkwell, and I'm always looking for ways to find out how well we're doing our job. 

Recently, we surveyed a little over 240 students asking them about their experience using Thinkwell. In particular, we wanted to know how students felt about using Thinkwell versus a traditional print textbook. We were delighted with what we heard! 

90% of the students surveyed prefer using Thinkwell to a traditional textbook. Wow--90%! This confirms what we are hearing from individuals but it is especially exciting to have this confirmed by hard data. 

It's exciting to hear such enthusiasm about what a helpful tool Thinkwell is. To have students who say they have a math phobia write about enjoying and understanding mathematics for the first time in their lives is wonderful! Hearing from these students inspires me and makes me proud to be a Thinkwellian. 

I've gotta run--my phone is ringing and Scout needs a treat!

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