Co-Founder Dan Heath at NAIS Conference

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It was very cool to see the Twittersphere and blogosphere buzzing this morning about Dan Heath's keynote at this year's conference for the National Association of Independent Schools. As most of you probably know, Dan is a co-founder of Thinkwell and a co-author of the best-selling book, Made to Stick. 

While I'm bummed that we didn't have the opportunity to see the keynote in person, it was fun to follow it virtually here and here. 

For those of you who haven't read Dan's book, Made to Stick, it's a fun, engaging, AND rigorous look into the world of ideas--what makes some ideas naturally "sticky" while other ideas fall flat. 

In today's keynote, Dan talked about the core qualities that sticky ideas usually possess: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotion, and a Story element. (To learn more about this perspective, go here---or, better yet, buy a copy of book!) 

Why do I bring this up? These ideas were central to the formative vision of Thinkwell and are actively at work in all of the Thinkwell videos. See for yourself! Check out Professor Edward Burger's lecture on the two, fundamental questions of Calculus:   

Look for these moments: 
  • Simple--what is Calculus all about?
  • Unexpected--Did he break the law?
  • Concrete: At the very moment he crossed the 30 mile an hour sign...
  • Credible--He really does have a purple mountain bike!
  • Emotion--The drama of the bear-Professor Burger
  • Story--He was going on the road

After finishing it, you'll never forget what the fundamental questions of Calculus are all about!

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