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Today, Thinkwell celebrates having Carl Tyson as our CEO for ten years. Carl's guidance through those years has been priceless. I've only been here for 4+ of those years, but in that time I've had the opportunity to watch Carl and to see just how crucial a CEO can be to a company's success.

In the early days of Thinkwell, co-founders Amy Bryant and Dan Heath sought Carl out because of his depth of experience in the educational publishing business. At that time, he was the president of the college divisions of Harcourt-Brace and McGraw-Hill. Amy and Dan had a great idea, a lot of ambition, and the willingness to work hard as necessary, but Carl brought the know-how that made Thinkwell into a contributing part of the publishing community.

Carl is not only a publishing industry guru extraordinaire, but he's also a brainiac of the highest order: with his Ph.D., 8 books, and over 20 articles on the American West, Carl can regale you with tales and details that will recast your impressions of the history you thought you knew. He's smart!

So we raise our glasses (and our paws); thanks for everything, Carl! 

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