Networking, Multimedia, and Homeschooling

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As the homeschool movement started gaining momentum thirty years ago, few could have envisioned how many parents would choose this option for their children's education. In fact, the latest report on homeschooling from the U.S. Department of Education shows that 1.5 million children are now being homeschooled. Also, this past decade has seen the advent of many tools that enable distributed learning. 

The emergence of these technologies and services has provided a boon to the homeschooler. Although most parents of homeschooled children are far more educated than the average public school student, the child can still outpace the parent. That's when the parent-teacher can rely on networking with other parent-teachers through internet tools like Twitter and Facebook, as well as rich multimedia products. 

Today's homeschooler can find other homeschoolers to collaborate with and can easily mix and match curricula from different programs and courses, creating a unique environment for the students. Multimedia and networking are breaking down educational barriers and opening up new avenues of learning for students everywhere.

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What works in education? How do we know? How can teachers find out? How can we apply it to help our individual students?

These are questions that each one of us ask ourselves on a daily basis. I would like to see us write (blog) more in regards to these questions.

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