Northwest Missouri, e-Text, and e-Learning

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There was an interesting story this morning on NPR about Northwest Missouri's decision to move entirely to e-textbooks. A human resources instructor at Northwest Missouri was quoted on this trend and students' use of this digital media: "I just remind them again, you know, review this chapter, probably more so than I did so before," she says, "because I think they're actually going to read it more this time." 

I hope that this instructor is correct; however, our research has shown that when static text is simply digitized, it is no more compelling to a student than when it's bound and printed on paper. For digital textbooks to really work, publishers need to embrace the possibilities of the medium and utilize the best of what it has to offer. 

I'm hopeful about these trends, though, and look forward to continuing to help students get the most out of their digital learning resources.

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