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This morning, the sun shines brightly through the cracks of the crinkled black blinds that hang in my office window, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is tickling my highly sensitive, and very cute, nose.

Scout here, clocking in for another day on the job here at Thinkwell HQ.

closer up_640x428.jpg

I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself, and give a dog's perspective on what goes on around here. Specifically, I would like to introduce you to my well-intentioned brigade of canine cadets. 

As you know, (or may not know) my official title here at Thinkwell is Chief Canine Officer. In other words, I'm the boss of all the other dogs. A typical day for me is generally filled with a continual investigation of all possible culinary opportunities. I also attend staff meetings and conference calls. But enough about me. Allow me to introduce you to my staff.

Let's start with Bingle:


Bingle, also known as Binglina or Bingo, is fascinated with her tail, which, from time to time, tries to attack her and eat her food. She loves meetings and busy work...any excuse to sit in an office chair. She also enjoys swimming and fine french cuisine.

Bingle has a step-sister, Moxie:

moxie again_640x427.jpg

Moxie is our head cheerleader. Her positive attitude and crazy-good knack at telling jokes, keeps us smiling from head to toe. While at work, Moxie stays busy hanging out and searching for peanut butter, but on the weekends she is less social and spends all of her time cross-stitching alphabet letters.

My bestest pal around here is Harley:

Harley 10.08k_360x480.jpg

Harley comes to work almost every day and is really good at sharing his treats; we eat cupcakes, beef jerky, and a variety of biscuits. Harley likes to read about dinosaurs and also likes to count his spots.

And last, but certainly not least, Nola:


Nola is our resident Catahoula with the amazing blue eyes. She works in our order department and helps with bookstore and student orders. Nola is excellent at chasing tennis balls and playing fetch, and she is a master of the hula hoop.

So this is our Core Canine Team at Thinkwell HQ. I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my friends, and now if you'll please excuse me, I am certain that a bag of breakfast tacos just walked in the front door. They require my immediate attention.

Thanks for reading!

Scout has been CCO of Thinkwell since 1999. Treats can be sent to

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thinkwell dogs are the BEST!! yay, scout!

In our new age of information exposal, companies now must adhere to the amended SEC disclosure rules for executive compensation. Is there a fear that the change in policy could slow the rapid rise in the quality of CCO treats and subsequently affect Thinkwell's ability to attract cutting edge canine talent?

I have to add that Bingle has a very paws-off approach when she supervises. She monitors quietly from the chair.

I just love the Dog Blog. Wish I could take my dog Gracie to work. Now that she's all grown up, she takes up most of the back seat of my Toyota (imagine my surprise when the vet told me my adopted puppy was mostly St. Bernard!). Her "enthusiasm" sometimes results in patio furniture or the BBQ getting knocked over. Like the Thinkwell dogs, she is smart, funny, and very entertaining.

If by "fine french cuisine" you mean "le garbage," then YES!

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