A Better Shade of Green

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Many companies are quick to point out when they "go green," and everyone can get behind the idea of minimizing negative impacts to the environment For some companies, going green is heavy on the marketing but light on the environmental impact. For example, the housing industry has plenty to say about green building materials, but in the end, the act of building a house still uses a great deal of natural resources. Perhaps the most infamous example of riding the green bandwagon is the coal industry's use of the term "clean coal." 

Perhaps Thinkwell has been remiss in not promoting the fact that we are a green company in the not-so-green industry of publishing. Thinkwell replaces tree-eating textbooks, many with greater than 1,000 pages, with a paperless alternative. And unlike so many other alternatives we incorporate into our daily lives under the heading of "doing good," this one has no down side. Students consistently report that Thinkwell is more effective than a textbook. It's no surprise that students prefer videos to textbooks. Instead of feeling like they have made a sacrifice, students are delighted with not having to carry around a heavy textbook that they didn't want to read in the first place. 

Student support for traditional textbooks is at an all-time low. Just add concern for the environment to the list of reasons why.

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