Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University

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There are many eye-catching headlines these days about the state of education in America--most of them delivering bad news. Our new president has identified education as a top issue, warning that we must invest in education to ensure our competitive future. One can easily lose heart and despair. To help off-set that feeling, I suggest you visit the website of the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University. The site does a great job of describing CTY's mission. For me, CTY is evidence that our future political, scientific, and business leaders are receiving great training and instruction from the best and brightest. 

At Thinkwell, we are fortunate to have worked with CTYOnline for several years. Like most content providers, we are confident that our products are filled with great potential--all we need are highly motivated students and great teachers. We are thrilled to partner with both of these components at CTY. We get great and fervent feedback from both students and teachers--and I think our product continues to improve. CTY is not a place for the complacent. I have been lucky enough to visit CTY several times and I always come away impressed and a little intimidated. I once visited with one of the mentors in her office before a long session of teaching calculus. She was so excited to share her knowledge and help the students that it was as if the finals of the NCAA basketball tournament were about to start. I know that she both informed and empowered those students that day. 

In life, we judge people by many standards. One standard that is important to me is the company a person keeps--friends are a reflection of a person. In that case, I am thrilled that we keep company with the Center for Talented Youth.

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