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Here in Texas, the state requires students to demonstrate their mastery of math, science, social studies, reading, and writing skills by taking the Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge--better known as TAKS. These are high-stakes tests that measure progress and have impact on both individuals and schools. You can get a complete rundown on TAKS at the Texas Education Agency's website. 

As part of the program to assist students, the University of Texas TeleCampus and the Institute for Public School Initiatives developed a comprehensive online program called TAKS Readiness and Core Knowledge (TRACK). TRACK was designed to help students address problem areas and improve their performance. 

The developers searched widely for quality content to provide this essential service, and we were tickled when they chose to include Thinkwell's math, social science, and science materials. The program has been going for almost six years and more than 350,000 students have used TRACK to improve their scores. It's impossible to know how many have succeeded because of TRACK--and Thinkwell--but we know of one school in Austin that had 100% of their students pass TAKS by using only TRACK! 

All of us at Thinkwell are thrilled to be part of this successful program.

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Just out of curiosity, any opinion on the national standards debate that seems to be brewing out there? Not sure if it relates entirely to this post, but the subject matter got me thinking about it. Here is a post at Eduwonk talking about such stuff: http://www.eduwonk.com/2009/03/eduwonk-talks-down-the-market.html

At any rate, I think the usage of Thinkwell's products for the TRACK program is spot on and sure to help the students.

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