The Value of Online Education

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Recently, Edweek published a blog post discussing the cost effectiveness of online education. Interestingly, the post did not seem to actually reach a conclusion; it opened the dialogue and suggested that research was continuing in this area. It did indicate that online education has promise in lowering costs, as one would expect. Having one effective teacher using better tools to reach many more students ought to lower costs.    

But I think they missed the greater issue: the efficacy of online education. With the proper curriculum, well-designed software, and excellent teachers, online education can supplement offline, analog teaching. There's no question that in-person teaching has its place; few methods can surpass one-on-one instruction, but coupling online education with offline standard courses results in significant increases in material retention, test scores, and overall student enthusiasm. 

Bundle those positive effects with the relatively low cost of online education, and you have a truly remarkable value on your hands!

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