Thinkwell at TCCTA 2009

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This year, the Texas Community College Teacher's Association's (TCCTA) 62nd Annual Convention was held from February 19--21 in Thinkwell's hometown of Austin, Texas. The TCCTA's convention draws community college instructors from around Texas for camaraderie, learning, and the exchanging of ideas. Sam Webber and I were at the Thinkwell booth, where we displayed all of the titles that Thinkwell publishes. 

It was so good to see so many of our customers and hear their thoughts on how things are going with their students who use Thinkwell. We saw Tammy Calhoun from Hill College, Byron Howell from Tyler Junior College, Denise Brown from Collin County Community College, and Joe Whitson from St. Phillips College, just to name a few. 

On Friday morning, I gave a presentation of Thinkwell's Chemistry materials to a group of Chemistry instructors (my thanks to Larry Wiginton from Clarendon College for inviting me to speak). There was a lot of excitement about how Thinkwell is helping to improve student performance in General Chemistry classes. In particular, it was great to hear from Byron Howell about how he's used Thinkwell to make his students more successful. 

A little more about that: Professor Howell brought Thinkwell in at the mid-semester mark and gave it to students who were failing. By the end of the semester, 27 of those 43 students passed instead of dropping or failing. In fact, Professor Howell found that all of these previously failing students who went through 20 or more of the Thinkwell lessons made a C or higher. Amazing!

This year's meeting was a big success, and it was a pleasure to speak with so many new folks about Thinkwell and to see them get excited about the possibilities that these course materials offer.

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