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We're excited to sponsor's Wednesday Winners giveaway this week. Go to ChoosyHomeschooler's blog to sign up for an opportunity to win a FREE Math or Science course from Thinkwell! The contest ends today, so hurry over now!

While you're there, check out the full-product demos for 5 Thinkwell courses. There's also a coupon code there that will let you take $25 off of the price of ANY Thinkwell Homeschool or Independent Study course. 

Did you use Thinkwell's College Algebra to get through that tough math course, but your Biology professor doesn't use Thinkwell? Here's a great chance to pick up Thinkwell's Biology at a discount and make sure you soar through Biology just as easily as you got through Algebra, and with the high grades to show it!

Do you find that your homeschool student isn't as excited about Algebra or Calculus as you'd like? Let Professor Edward Burger get in there and show them just how fun and easy it can be!

Need an effective AP prep course to make sure you succeed on the AP Exam so you can place out of Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, or Government & Politics and save those precious tuition dollars? We've got some fantastic AP Prep courses and now you can get them for $25 off!

Head on over to ChoosyHomeschooler's blog and take a look at all of the special offers.

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