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Early Monday morning of this week, I received an email from one of our authors. He was responding to a request he had received from a student. The student explained that he was impressed with the educational videos we offer and was edified by the knowledge. However, the student was troubled. He had downloaded the videos from one of the many sites that offer copyrighted materials for free. At Thinkwell, we know these things happen; we have seen videos and multimedia lessons from our calculus, biology, and trigonometry courses offered on such sites. Obviously, we wring our hands--we are in business to sell materials, and we offer many places to see samples of our work, such as YouTube, Facebook, and our demo page. Frequently, we wish the world were different. 

But this email was different. The student explained that his faith prohibited such use of copyrighted materials and that he could not profit from knowledge gained from such a source. Clearly this young person was tortured by his own actions. It brought great pause to me on a Monday morning. This young person stood by his principles, and it was impressive and refreshing. My hat is off to him--actually, I was flabbergasted. We all make mistakes, but few of us are strong enough to admit them and try to correct them. This gentleman did, and I admire him for it.

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