Thinkwell's Stars: George Wolfe

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Some time ago I wrote about our mathematics megastar Edward Burger. Ed is an outstanding scholar and teacher, and a good friend. Now I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Biology author, George Wolfe. You can read George's official biography on our site, by selecting About the Author. I want to tell you about a guy who has found a way to unite two of his great loves: science and teaching. George loves science--biology especially, but all science really. He quickly gets enthusiastic if you ask him a question or provide a new fact. It's just so much fun to talk with him. And George loves teaching young people. He has welded these two loves into a wonderful career as a bringer of knowledge to youth across the world. Take a look as he talks about The Nature of Light.

George is now the Director of the Loudoun Academy of Science, a magnet school for students gifted in science and technology located in Sterling, Virginia. When the school was opened in 2005, George was selected to help establish the program and manage its creation. It keeps him hopping but he still finds time take students on amazing trips to explore sea caves and other wonders.

It is a cliché to say that George is the type of person you would love to chat with over dinner, but it is true. I have enjoyed many meals with him and came away from every one of them refreshed, informed, and happy. My only regret is that he has yet to treat me to one of his home-cooked gourmet meals. Maybe soon?

I'm not sure where George gets all his energy, but I do know where he gets his motivation: science and teaching.

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