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Via CrookedTimber, we see that YouTube has finally established an education-focused site. Only two- and four-year colleges and universities can post their lectures there, but it offers a great opportunity for the everyday user to get at what, until now, was often very proprietary content. 

(In fact, we do YouTube! For a taste of Thinkwell on YouTube, see our channel at Comment, rate, and subscribe away!)

We over here at Thinkwell believe that much more is required of online learning than just the lecture portion of a course. Feedback, interactive problems, and measured results create the proper atmosphere for online education. However, these lectures on YouTube Education do offer a great chance for prospective students to try before they buy. Trying to decide between UT and A&M? UCLA and UC-Berkeley? Check out some lectures online!

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I would love to thank Thinkwell for this wonderful software!

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