Thinkwell Stars: Steven Tomlinson

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I find myself repeating words over and over when I write about the talented people who I have been lucky enough to work with at Thinkwell, people like Ed Burger and George Wolfe: great teachers, outstanding scholars, and terrific people! Our Economics professor Steven Tomlinson is all of those things. Watch and listen to Steven teach and you will be astounded at how clear, concise, and meaningful each of his words is. I am fond of saying that Steven talks with more precision and elegance than that found in most people's writing. And this is not only true when he is teaching or lecturing. He is that way at dinner--never a bad sentence or misplaced word. Just cogent and interesting English.

But that is not what I want to talk about. Steven is the most creative person I know. He can look at a situation or set of data and come up with innovative ideas and new notions. He is an accomplished playwright, an arena in which he displays both his communication skills and creativity with great insight and emotion. His one-man play, American Fiesta--about a man's obsession with dinnerware and life's lessons--left me laughing and crying and thinking about my family in a completely new light. Ever since that night, every time I see Steven I want to hug him!

On Election Day in November 2000, I was driving to visit some folks at Texas State University; Steven was on the local public radio station. He was talking about the economic lessons to be learned from parables in the Bible. Having grown up the son of a minister I was pretty familiar with the parables, but Steven's wonderful insights and conclusions opened a new window for me. It was a tour de force and I admit I was late to my meeting because I couldn't pull myself away from listening to the entire segment on the car radio.

I am aware that Economics is often referred to as the "Dismal Science" and most of us would rather not listen to folks talk about the study of scarcity. But I can listen to Steven talk all day. See if you can resist.

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