Professor Ed Burger is in the House putting the finishing touches on our new Geometry product!

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photo-4.jpgThis week has been CRAZY at Thinkwell as Edward Burger was in the studio recording updates to our Precalculus and College Algebra courses along with...(drum roll, please)...videos for our brand new Geometry product!

Needless to say, the office has been in constant activity as all hands were on deck to help out with the taping. In case you wondered, not only does Professor Burger mastermind all the great content for the videos, but he also directs the art and props that make it into the final product.  Of course, none of this would be possible without our resident-genius Math Editor, Sarah Flood. We'd put a picture of her here if we could ever get her to stand still for a second.

Keep an eye out for our official release of Thinkwell's new Homeschool Geometry. We're so happy to finally say 'Yes' to all of you that have called and emailed asking if we're ever going to publish a Geometry course! We can't wait to share this new course with all of you later this summer.

We'll be posting more information and a thorough description of our Geometry course in the coming weeks. We know you'll be as excited as we are to start studying angles, proofs, polygons, surface area and volume!

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