6th Grade Math - Percent Problems

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Percentages are used in a variety of situations from salary raises and paying taxes to nutritional information on food. As it is such a widely used math concept, it is important students see the relevance of percentages so they will appreciate what is being taught. Now that we've given you lessons this week on Percents, it's time to explore real world applications of percentages.  Today's 6th grade math video contains 3 lectures that do just that. Learn how to determine how much longer you have to wait to download a file based upon the percentage. Or maybe you just want to practice a few percentage problems. Prof. Burger will take you through several real world examples to practice your newly gained knowledge. By the end of today's lectures you should be able to see the connection among percentages, fractions and decimals.

Today's video has a total of 3 lectures, so make certain you click the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture!


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