6th Grade Math - Using Percents

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Because percentages are so important and something we use on a daily basis, we've got a video covering Using Percents. Whether it's determining the tip for a waiter in a restaurant or calculating sales tax on a purchase,  percents are used constantly. We don't want to pay too much or too little because we don't know how to calculate the percentage.  Edward Burger discusses several real world applications of percents and how to calculate them in today's free 6th grade math video. In these examples, learn how to calculate the price of something that is on sale, how to figure a tip, and how to determine the sales tax on an item.

Today's video contains 3 lectures covering the different examples. Don't forget to click the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lesson. Try out the videos and see what you think. Don't forget our courses come with exercise, worksheets and tests in addition to the videos. Tomorrow we'll be posting the subchapter worksheet covering all of this week's videos.


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