6th Grade Math - Volume of Cylinders

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We've explored finding the volume of prisms and now it's time to work our way to cylinders. Cylinders are somewhat like a prism with its parallel congruent bases. However, instead of a nice polygon as the base, we have a circle.

Remember that when talking about the volume of a cylinder, we are really talking about how much it can hold, whether it's soup, concentrated orange juice, or just water. How do you find the volume of a cylinder? It's the same idea we used for prisms. However, now we have a different formula. For all you pi fans out there, this formula utilizes pi.

In today's free 6th grade math video, Volume of Cylinders, Prof. Burger explains the formula and then demonstrates it with several different variations. Today' video contains 3 different lectures, so don't forget to click the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture. Keep up with us because on Friday we'll be posting a worksheet covering this week's videos.


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