6th Grade Math - Volume of Prisms

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Now that we know about three-dimensional figures and prisms, it's time to learn how to find the volumes for the various different types of prisms. Volume can be tricky enough for some students, but throw in a triangular prism and suddenly it's a bit more difficult.

Learn the basic formula for calculating volumes with today's video. Understanding volumes will enable you to figure out how much water you can put in that aquarium or pool. You might want to calculate how much cereal could be packed into a cereal box and compare that to how much is actually sold in the box.

We've got you covered in today's free 6th grade math video on Volume of Prisms. To make it even better Edward Burger demonstrates how to find the volume on a rectangular prism, a triangular prism, and then gives a real world example where we can see volumes happening around us and how to calculate them.

Today's video contains three separate lectures. Make certain you click on the forward button to move to the next lecture so you don't miss anything!


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