6th Grade Math Worksheet - Percents

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This week we covered percentages with Prof. Burger. Not only did he demonstrate the basics of calculating percentages and determining the quantity of items from percentages, but he also used several real world examples to show how important this concept is.

I have personally used percentages on a daily basis. Whether I am utilizing them when reading nutritional labels or estimating the cost of something including sales tax, percents are a constant in my life. You too will use them when calculating a tip for someone who provided you a service, as Prof. Burger does in one of his examples.

I enjoyed refreshing my knowledge of percents and I hope you did too with this week's free 6th grade math videos. Now check out the accompanying worksheet for our Percents subchapter. See how well you have retained the knowledge we've been sharing. With Edward Burger teaching the class, we're sure you'll pass with flying colors!


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