Gordon Yee Is a Chemistry Rock Star!

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We've talked before about one of our many wonderful Professors, Gordon Yee. In addition to teaching our Chemistry courses, he is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech. Recently, Professor Yee was awarded the 2010 Alan F. Clifford Faculty Service Award for his outstanding contributions to the Chemistry Department. And, apparently he's a big star with the students too!



A few weeks ago, Professor Yee was invited to visit Victor J. Andrew high school, which happens to be the "Home of the Thunderbolts". Seems like a perfect match to me.  Anyways, like most high school kids, it takes quite a bit to get them excited over anything "school-related". Yet, Gordon experienced true star treatment with kids calling out his name in the hallways and asking for autographs. Apparently, the students are huge fans of Thinkwell and Professor Yee's videos!



While there, he led the students in building a potato cannon and then firing it off. He then did the classic Coke/Mentos demo. We're certain everyone involved had a blast, literally!

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