Newest Member of Thinkwell's Canine Cadets

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It's been awhile since we talked about the Canine Cadets that keep an eye on the office and ensure everything runs smoothly. As the leader of this important group, and Chief Canine Officer, I'd like to share the latest addition to our group: PJ.

PJ is what is often called a "Puggle" and he takes care of Thinkwell's Office Manager, Andrea. All the rest of the Canine Cadets love PJ as he is a rough and tumble member who takes his duties seriously.

What does PJ do? PJ's job at the office is to alert everyone about everything at any time. The other day someone brought a strange dog in the office and PJ was quick to howl and let the rest of us know about the intruder. Thankfully, the threat level was low and after checking out our visitor, we determined Thinkwell was not under attack.

Where does he like to spend his time? PJs favorite place in the office is either under Andrea's desk or in Mark's office. This keeps him close to anything going on in the office so he can be the first response.

What is PJ's favorite thing to do in the office? He has become very proficient at begging for treats. He then enjoys chasing Canine Cadet Emma to work off those treats. Sounds like a good day!

PJ's best trick? PJ is quite adept at rolling over. And when we say roll over, we mean all the way, none of this silly just-show-your-belly business. Although, he's good at that too.

PJ's Favorite toy? Anyone else's toy is his favorite. Can't say I blame him with all of the great toys at the office.

PJ's hobbies? PJ enjoys being awkward, sleeping (a pre-requisite for all Thinkwell Canine Cadets!), playing with Andrea's two cats and going to the dog park (does any dog not like this?).

PJ's best friends at Thinkwell? It's a tie between Hank and Mark. They are suckers for us cadets! From the Cadet ranks, it would have to be Emma.

As leader of Thinkwell's Canine Cadets, I can say with certainty that PJ is a welcome addition as long as he doesn't steal any of my treats.

Scout has been CCO of Thinkwell since 1999. Treats can be sent to

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