6th Grade Math - Functions Worksheet

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Are you tired of functions yet? We've been covering them all week in our free 6th grade math videos with Edward Burger. At this point, if you have followed us this week, you should be well prepared to show your grasp of the concept with today's free worksheet on Functions! Today's worksheet is 4 pages of questions covering the topics of Tables and Functions, Graphing Functions, and Slope and Rate of Change. If you're not ready for the worksheet, go back and visit our previous blog posts to view the videos first.

Next week we'll be moving away from 6th grade math and covering some of our other course offerings. If you have been wanting to sample some of the courses we have, feel free to browse through the blog archives, visit our YouTube channel (we love comments) or check out our Demo page!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and comes back Monday ready to learn some more.


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