6th Grade Math - Graphing Functions

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One of the most powerful and greatest things we can do with functions is to look at them. By looking at them, namely their graphs in the coordinate plane, we can begin to extract information. How do we build these beautiful, graphical visualizations of functions? With today's free 6th grade math video, Prof. Burger shows how to do just that. He starts with a simple function in a table in the first lecture. He then shows us that by looking at the points that are generated when we plug in x's and get out y's we end up with ordered pairs that become the coordinates for points on a graph. Once created, it becomes apparent the power of looking at a graph associated with a function. It allows us to see the overall structure of the function. A table only gives us a few points, but the graph gives us all the points at once.

Today's video on Graphing Functions includes a whopping 4 lectures! Make certain you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture.


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