6th Grade Math - Slope and Rate of Change

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We've been working with functions in tables. Thankfully, tables make our next subject much easier to determine. Today's free 6th grade math video is covering Slope and Rate of Change. In order to determine rate of change, we compare how the y's are changing to the x's in order to see how that relationship, or quotient, is changing as we go through data. Rate of change is either constant or variable. A constant rate of change means that each x,y quotient is the same throughout the values. Whereas a variable rate of change is the opposite with the quotient changing each time. In the first lecture, Edward Burger makes this an easily understood concept by running through a couple of examples to make the difference between constant and variable rates of change clear.

Today's video has two lectures in it, and in the second lecture Prof. Burger uses a real-world application of this to further your understanding. Using evaporation of water as the example, he shows how a science class would graph the data and connect the points with line segments. The slope of the line will correspond to the rate of change.

Don't forget to click on the forward button directly to the left of the timestamp to move to the second lecture in today's video!

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