6th Grade Math - Tables and Functions

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Functions allow us to see how changes in one thing result in changes in something else. A function is a rule that relates two quantities so that each input value corresponds exactly to one output value. How do we go about finding functions? It turns out that to find a function we have one input and then that results in some kind of output. To figure out a rule that will allow us to predict future outputs given inputs is really what's at the heart of trying to find a function.

Today's free 6th grade math video covers Tables and Functions. Learn with Prof. Burger as he teaches you to utilize data in a table to write an equation for a function and then use the equation to find a missing value. He even gives a real-world example where functions can come in handy! There are three separate lectures in today's video, so don't forget to click on the forward button directly to the left of the timestamp to move to the next lecture.


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