7th Grade Math - Finding A Number When the Percent Is Known

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Percentages are really valuable in trying to figure out numbers when we only know part of the story. It turns out that if we use some algebra we can figure out the entire story. Percentages are used to express how large/small one quantity is, relative to another quantity. Calculating percent is a fairly simple math calculation. Calculating the reverse where you have the percentage and the final result and must determine the original number may seem daunting. However, by carefully translating the problem into a mathematical equation, you can easily solve the problem.

Finding a number when the percent is known is very useful skill to have. In today's free 7th grade video, Prof. Burger not only shows you how easy it is to convert these problems into equations and solve them, but he gives you a couple of real world examples to demonstrate how you can use this in your day to day life.

Today's video has a total of 3 lectures. Make certain you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture in order to watch the entire lesson.


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