7th Grade Math - Least Common Multiple

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Least Common Multiple is the smallest positive number that is a multiple of any list of numbers you are given. Often, it refers to two numbers, but as Professor Burger demonstrates in today's free 7th grade math video, it can also be applied to as many numbers as you want.

There are several ways to find the least common multiple of a group of numbers. You can compute all the multiples of each number and then determine the lowest multiple they have in common. You can also utilize prime factorization to figure the least common multiple. Believe it or not, you will use this concept often in other math concepts. In fact, it is most useful when working with adding, subtracting, or comparing fractions with different denominators. Professor Burger also demonstrates a real world application in the last lecture to help show how useful this idea is in your everyday life.

Today's video contains a total of 3 lectures to give you a strong understanding of least common multiples. Make certain you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture.


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