7th Grade Math - Percent Increase and Decrease

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Computing the percent increase or the percent decrease can give you a good sense of how things are changing. This is definitely one of those math concepts that get used frequently in the real world. Companies are always comparing numbers and percentages in order to determine if business is improving . Or maybe you are at a sale and need to calculate the exact price of something based upon a percentage discount.

I absolutely love percents. Not only are they fun when things are marked down in a store, but it's always nice when you get a percentage increase on your salary. They are important when you are looking into financing a car or a house and need to determine your interest rate. And even people can be categorized by percentage. For example, I was in the top 10% of my class in high school. How about you?

In today's free 7th grade math video, Percent increase and Decrease, Edward Burger teaches you these concepts. Today's video has a total of three lessons, so be sure you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to watch all three!


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