Pre-Algebra - Multiplying Binomials

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Today we're learning how to multiply binomials. FOIL is one of the best known ways to do this. It is a great mnemonic to help you remember the standard method of multiplying two binomials. It is literally:

It works only for the specific and special case of a two binomials. FOIL tells you to multiply the first terms in each parentheses, then multiply the two terms that are on the "outer" (furthest from each other), then the two terms that are on the "inner" (closest to each other), then the two terms that are on the "inner" (closest to each together), and finally the last terms in each of the parenthesis.

If your head is spinning with all these spiffy math terms, worry no longer because Edward Burger will clear everything up in today's free Pre-Algebra video on Multiplying Binomials. He'll explain the meaning of FOIL, how to use it and give you several examples to put it into use. This is a basic, but very important concept that you will use often in your Algebra studies. It is not too difficult to learn once you remember what it stands for, just follow the steps and the method will work!

Today's video has a total of 3 lectures. Make certain you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to view them all.


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