7th Grade Math - Bar Graphs and Histograms

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Bar graphs and histograms are wonderful ways of analyzing data in a very visual way where we gain quite a bit of information just by looking at the graph. It is often easier to see patterns in numbers when they are graphed, which is there are so many different types of graphs and charts.

You've most likely seen bar graphs in newspapers and anywhere else that are trying to convey data in a simple manner. However, histograms are a bit different. They are often known as distribution graphs as they allow you to see how a group of data is distributed. Each bar in a histogram represents the frequency of the observations during a particular interval. In the video, the example is number of students (frequency) and hours spent studying (interval).

In today's free 7th grade math video on Bar Graphs and Histograms, Edward Burger starts out by showing you how to read these charts and then teaches how to create them from a data set. You'll need to watch all 3 lectures on this video to get the entire lesson.  Make sure you click the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture!


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