7th Grade Math - Combinations

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A combination is a grouping of objects or events in which the order does not matter. Where might you see combinations in the real world? Well, a poker hand is a 5-combination of cards from a 52-card deck. Also, the lottery involves picking a random group of numbers where order does not matter. By calculating the combinations of each, it is possible to use a little math to determine the likelihood of your drawing a particular poker hand. You can even determine the probability of a particular number set being picked for the lottery. But that particular calculation would take quite a bit of math with all the possible numbers involved.

In today's free 7th grade math video, Professor Burger uses an example of a teacher wanting to pair up students in a classroom. Using a table, he shows all the different combinations that are possible. It can be a little tricky determining all the possible combinations, but after watching today's lectures, you should have no problem. Today's video has two lectures on it. To get to the second lecture, click the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp.


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