7th Grade Math - Making Predictions

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Do you often wish you could predict the weather? Or maybe you'd like a leg up for picking your basketball brackets? Learning about making predictions can help you make better educated guesses. We're not saying you'll be the next Miss Cleo, but with a little bit of math you'll be able to make pretty good predictions.

Last week we posted a video on Experimental Probability. Today's free 7th grade math video is taking experimental probability and putting it to use in order to make predictions. Remember how we learned to compute experimental probability by taking the total number of times a particular event occurred and then dividing it by the total number of trials. In today's video, Edward Burger uses bowling as an example. In his first example he explains he has determined the experimental probability of making a strike is 20%. The prediction he wants to calculate is out of 400 rolls, how many would be strikes. Watch the video to learn exactly how to do this and you'll quickly be amazing your friends with your ability to make predictions. Today's video has a total of 3 lectures on it, so click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp when it's time to move to the next lecture.
I predict you will enjoy today's video and learn all you need to know about making predictions!


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