7th Grade Math - Probability

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Probability is a way of measuring how likely or unlikely an event will occur. Usually there are multiple possible outcomes of an event and it is possible to measure the probability of each. Probability is interesting because it is a mathematical concept used in a wide range of real world applications from statistics and finance to gambling, science and even philosophy. People are always interested in the likelihood of potential events occurring and probability allows us to express this mathematically.

In today's free 7th grade math video, Professor Edward Burger shows us the basics of probability. Not only does he demonstrate how to determine the probability of an event, he also shows us how to find the probability of an event not happening. Through several real world examples you'll gain a strong understanding of the concept of probability. Today's video has 3 lectures on it, so don't forget to click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture in the series. 


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