7th Grade Math - Exponents

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When dealing with really large numbers, it is often easiest to express them as a power. A power has two fundamental pieces: the base and the exponent. The exponent tells us how many times we will have to factor the base. So if you have a base of 3 with the exponent of 5, it's the same thing as 3 times 3 times 3 times 3 times 3. You can see how this is a big number expressed in a compact way as a power.

Today's free 7th grade math video is on Exponents. Watch three lectures with Edward Burger and you'll have a solid understanding of this concept. Exponents are incredibly important; you will encounter them frequently as you progress in your math learning. So, make certain you click on the forward button at the end of each lecture to move to the next one and watch the entire video.


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