7th Grade Math - Order of Operations

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When you are suddenly presented with a string of math involving multiple actions, what do you do? For example if you see the problem 25 minus 21 divided by 3 what do you do first? Do you divide or subtract first? Thankfully, there exists a mathematical convention that solves this issue.  Order of Operations is a rule that tells you precisely what order to perform the math you might find within a mathematical expression.

Do you remember PEMDAS? Or maybe you recognize "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally", the mnemonic created to help you remember PEMDAS.  PEMDAS stands for: Parentheses, Exponentiation, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction.  Learning the order is one thing, but actually using it can be much more difficult.

Today's free 7th grade math video is on Order of Operations. Learn and practice this concept with Professor Edward Burger. In 3 lectures, he covers each step and several examples to get you calculating complicated mathematical expressions with ease. This is an important rule to understand and you will need to use it with more difficult math concepts. Don't forget to click the forward button to move to the next lecture so you don't miss a minute!

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