8th Grade Math - Introduction to Inequalities

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An inequality is a statement that compares two expressions using one of the following signs: <, >, ≤,  ≥, or ≠. They allow us to compare any two quantities. If you have heard someone use the words "greater than" or "less than" they were expressing an inequality. We use them often in our day-to-day lives. Go shopping and you might find yourself comparing two items: "This bottle of shampoo is larger than this other bottle."

In today's free 8th grade math video, Introduction to Inequalities, Professor Burger demonstrates several inequalities to show you how fun they are once you learn the basics. He even demonstrates how to actually graph an inequality. This is important stuff because you will come back to it over and over as you move forward in your math learning. Over the course of three lectures, you'll get a solid introduction and understand how we even use inequalities in our everyday language. Don't forget to click on the forward button to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture and view the entire lesson!

Also, in case you've wondered if Thinkwell is the right curriculum for you, check out our Thinkwell Review page! You'll see several videos our students have made to show how much they love our classes and us. We're super-flattered and excited by how great the videos are!


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