8th Grade Math - Operations with Polynomials Worksheet

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We've been working with polynomials this week and now it's time to test your knowledge. Since it's been awhile since we posted a worksheet, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share a free 8th grade math worksheet on Operations with Polynomials. This can be a difficult subject matter for many students, so this worksheet can be a very useful review.  You get 6 pages worth of questions that cover everything from adding and subtracting polynomials to multiplying polynomials by monomials and multiplying binomials.  All of our online courses come with worksheets that cover each topic in a subchapter and then one like this that covers an entire subchapter. This way, every student gets plenty of review throughout their courses.

As many of you may know, our incredible math professor, Edward Burger, is nominated for The Ultimate Game Changer in Education by the Huffington Post. We've heard from many of our students about what a major influence he's been on their studies and we want the world to know just how great he is. With the end of the month approaching, voting will soon be wrapping up and it's a really close competition. Please take the time to go vote for Professor Burger for the Ultimate Game Changer in Education.


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