Algebra 1 - Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

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While the thought of multiplying and dividing rational expressions may have you quivering in your shoes, it's not nearly as hard as it looks. If you need a little help, want to review this concept, or just sample our online lectures, check out today's free Algebra 1 video on Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions. In addition to learning how to multiply and divide rational expressions, you'll also learn about simplifying complex fractions. Complex fractions contain one or more fractions in the numerator, the denominator, or both. Our math professor, Edward Burger, is an award-winning teacher who loves math so much he wants to share it with the rest of the world. What this results in is a fun lecture that will keep you awake instead of nodding off at your desk. He also makes sure to give you real world examples so you know how this could be used outside of the classroom.

Most folks would prefer to learn from a video than a text book and we think you'll agree!  Just remember that what you are seeing is just one part of our online curriculum. When you sign up for one of our courses, you'll also get a lesson plan, interactive exercises, worksheets, and tests.
Don't forget that today's video has a total of 6 lectures! You'll need to hit the forward button to the left of the timestamp to move to the next lecture on the video.


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