Algebra 1 - Simplifying Rational Expressions

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Are you ready for today's free Algebra 1 video? Watch with Professor Burger as he lectures on Simplifying Rational Expressions. A rational expression is an algebraic expression whose numerator and denominator are polynomials. Of course, in rational expressions the denominator cannot equal 0, so you'll learn how to find any excluded values of the rational expression first. Then as you progress to more difficult problems, Professor Burger will cover simplifying rational expressions using opposite binomials. Whew! That's a mouth full! While these can be a bit trickier, you'll have no problem understanding how to do this after watching today's lectures. If you've ever wondered about practical uses of rational expressions, we have a real world example in the last lecture. Today's video has a total of 5 lectures to get you up to speed on simplifying rational expressions. Just make sure you click the forward button to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lectures on the video.

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