Algebra 1 - Solving Rational Equations

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After working with multiplying and dividing both rational expressions and polynomials, today's free Algebra 1 video may feel like a much-earned break. Today's video is on Solving Rational Equations and I love it because we're actually finding an answer that we can then go back and check for accuracy! Anytime you can check your answers is a good thing in my eyes. If you make a mistake you'll know it and be able to figure out what you did wrong, which helps you ace both homework assignments and tests. You'll learn how to solve rational equations by using cross products, and then how to solve rational equations using the lowest common denominator. Professor Edward Burger shows the relevancy of this math concept with a real-world application and ends on a lecture about identifying extraneous solutions. Today's video has a total of 4 lectures on it, so make sure you click the forward button to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture on the video!

As this video is the last of the Algebra 1 course, it's a good time to remind you all about our math placement tests. If you aren't sure which course in our curriculum sequence is the best place to start, take a stab at our free and easy to use placement tests. They'll help you so you don't accidentally buy a course that's either way too easy or way too hard.

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