Algebra 1 - Transforming Quadratic Functions

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Continuing our studies in Quadratic Functions, today we're going to delve deeper into graphs and how to determine what the parabola will look like based upon the function. In today's free Algebra 1 video on Transforming Quadratic Functions, Professor Burger will show you how you can start with the basic quadratic and change the formula a bit, which in turn moves the graph around. Discover how one number can make the parabola either wider or narrower through several examples. It's simple once you learn and, of course, easily testable by inputting values into the function. As we're graphing so much, there's a lecture in today's video that shows you how to utilize a graphing calculator, a very useful tool moving forward in your math studies. There are 3 lectures today, so make certain you click on the forward button directly to the left of the time stamp to move forward and view them all.


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