Thanksgiving Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

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Thanksgiving week is finally here! And I'm sure many of you are running around crazy at the last minute trying to get everything taken care of for the big family feast. Whether you need something to distract the kids while you put the finishing touches on dinner, or you are looking for some fun activities, we've got you covered! After scoping the Internet for fun Thanksgiving activities, we found plenty of things to do with the kids. Here are some of our favorites.

Watch the replay of the Plimoth Plantation Virtual Field Trip webcast. It's a thirty-minute online field trip to meet a Pilgrim and a Wampanoag--straight from Plimoth Plantation.

We've all made hand turkeys, but what about a Foot and Hand Turkey? Easy home craft project that can be a nice distraction from the hours of free time.

Want to bring Math into Thanksgiving? Here's a list of activities you can set the kids up to do, including calculating what size turkey you need to feed everyone coming for dinner.

I found this interactive game to keep the kids occupied while you're trying to set the table.
This game requires kids to arrange everyone at the dinner table according to their preferences. A nice bit of logic will be needed to succeed at this game.

This collection of black and white photographs from the Macy's Thanksgiving parade is really great! It highlights some of the wacky parade balloons from the 30s and 40s.

How about pulling the whole family into the activity fun? Set up a Make-Your-Own-Hat station and have everyone make a Thanksgiving hat that they wear to dinner. Visit this site to learn more:

Finally, Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without talking about what we are thankful for. This year, start a Thanksgiving tradition by making a paper turkey and cutting out a variety of paper feathers for his tail. Then, pass around the feathers for everyone to write what they are thankful for on them. Let each person read their feather out to everyone before placing it on the turkey. This is a great Thanksgiving craft for children and really embraces the spirit of the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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