Holiday Homeschooling

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IMG_0486.jpgThe holidays are here and with them often come restless children. Keeping them on task can be tricky as they probably have visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in their heads. I've searched the Internet for great activities related to the winter holidays. Hopefully these crafts and resources can help you keep the kids occupied, learning, and excited for the next few weeks.

Did you know that you could make crystal ornaments and sun catchers out of borax? Definitely some science involved, so check out this easy to do project that uses items most of us have at home.

If you don't have all your stockings hanging by the chimney with care, check out this free "All the Trimmings Stocking" pattern. You can customize it for the look you want, and it's a pretty simple sewing project.

Learn about Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights! With so many traditions, it's a beautiful 8-day celebration.

Learn about Kwanzaa with the Official Kwanzaa Web Site. From the roots of the holidays to the meaning behind each symbol, there is a wealth of information about the celebration of family, community and culture.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and each country has its own traditions. Learn more about how they celebrate.

This site covers the gamut of holidays and is full of activities, printables, and descriptions of the different winter holidays across the world.

I absolutely love journal writing and think kids get quite a bit from the activity. It's a great time to reflect and journal! Here is a list of Christmas journal writing prompts.

If you just need to keep the kids busy, here are some free holiday worksheets for preschool-sixth grade.

And finally, I had to include this blogpost from Daze of Adventure. Lots of great educational toy suggestions and the comic up top will make any homeschooler laugh.

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