Thinkwell Gives Back This Holiday Season

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This past Friday, in lieu of having a company holiday party, Thinkwell threw a party for a group of 4-year-olds at Mainspring School. Mainspring is a non-profit early childhood, family-centered education center that caters to the needs of underprivileged families. Mainspring's goal is to help these kids enjoy learning and become self-assured and socially competent in order to excel in school and in life.

IMG_0482.jpgWe hauled a boatload of crafts and snacks to Mainspring and proceeded to watch a pack of 4-year-olds run wild. It was a blast and all who participated got the opportunity to experience the true spirit of the holidays: giving to others.

We started the party of with a round of snacks for everyone. While the kids munched on grilled cheeses with the crusts cut off, they sang songs and played little kazoos and whistles.


After snack time, we gathered all the kids together for the activities we had planned. We previously took photos of each child, and the project was to decorate a frame for each photo to give to their parents. Once they were done, they worked with one of us to wrap the gift and make a little card for their parents. We also had two wonderful women painting faces throughout the party. Girls with butterflies on their cheeks and boys with bat wings and fake blood on their faces quickly emerged and ran around the play area.

A couple of parents arrived to pick up their kids during our party and the looks on their faces were worth our time throwing this party. They were surprised and grateful that a group of strangers took the time to do something special for their children. Needless to say, we all left Mainspring smiling, happy to have made a fun event for these kids.

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